Dental Implants - What Are They?

Dental implants are artificial components that replace teeth. They are designed and engineered to fuse with the jawbone or other bones to which they will be affixed. A dental implant consists of titanium post, abutment, and gums. They are used to bridge (secure) broken or cracked teeth. Teeth implants help in restoring normal chewing function, teeth structure and appearance. They are very helpful in dental treatments and can also restore chewing function after missing a few teeth. Find out more about the dental implants now.

The process of placing dental implants starts with the patient undergoing general anesthesia to render the patient unconscious during the procedure. This procedure is done in a dental clinic by the Nashville dentist. When a tooth implant is placed, the dentist holds a drill gun over the root of the tooth to cut a hole to fit the implant. The hole is carefully shaped to fit the implant, and the post is then inserted into the gap created. A dental drill is used to keep the post in place while it heals.

After the abutment is successfully placed, the dentist fits a new crown to the tooth implant. This process is known as caving of the hole for the new teeth. The crown is then grafted to the abutment and crown is further secured using screws and nicks created by the dental implants. Once this is completed, a prosthetic tooth is attached on top of the crown and the procedure is complete. All these procedures are performed by highly trained cosmetic dentists.

If you want to know more about dental implants, you need to consult with your dentist. He will examine you and discuss with you the benefits and drawbacks of opting for the procedure. You will then be given all the information by your dentist so that you make an informed decision. A good dentist will also give you advice on the best procedure for your needs and budget.

The cost of dental implants varies from one patient to another. If you have lost a lot of teeth due to old age or disease, you can choose to get artificial tooth roots instead of dentures. Artificial tooth roots will provide you with better chewing functionality and long-term comfort, since they do not slip on the teeth.

However, if you have lost only one or few teeth, you may opt to go for dentures instead of getting dental implants. You can opt to get the dentures implanted on the natural teeth or you can have the artificial roots placed in the gap created by missing teeth. You can visit your dentist for advice. Check out this post for more information on this topic:

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